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M.D. Anderson, Estate Realtor

Why Use M.D. as your Estate Realtor® Professional?

Under his own firm, M.D. is a long term practicing accountant and fully understands the tax issues surrounding the selling of an estate home and other estate "real" property both residential and commercial.  He also is proficient in all estate valuation requirements, estate settlement procedures and IRS/state of Arizona required tax returns that may be due.  M.D. is also a nationally known large inherited IRA consultant & licensed insurance advisor.

M.D. has practiced as an estate planner and consultant for over 40 years.  His tax and estate document preparation services have been active for over 25 years in Arizona. As an Arizona Certified Legal Document Preparer (AZCLDP) he and his firm is licensed to prepare estate settlement forms for the Executor/Trix of a Will in Probate, or for the Trustee/Successor Trustee of a Living Trust. If you find yourself as Administrator in Probate without a Will, M.D. can handle the paperwork you need to file and administer as well. M.D. has assisted in over 100 estate settlements for both state, national & international clients with estates as high as 5 million in values!  Most estates range in the $ 400,000-$2,000,000 value levels. If your estate is under that limit, don't worry - M.D. would be more than happy to assist you as well.

As a Professional Realtor and licensed Arizona real estate salesperson on staff at Realty One Group, he implements modern tools that help sell your estate property quickly and at top dollar.  Listing clients get MLS listings, custom home websites with custom video and photo sessions and home staging consulting at no cost.  Also, open houses & neighborhood events are scheduled to increase home sales exposure, as the neighbor are "very" interested in who their new neighbors will be.

It is also note worthy to mention another reason why M.D. is your best choice to represent your estate property needs.  First, serving as the estate "Coach" in one or more categories under his own firm Financial Strategies, Inc., (if retained to do so) he is going to co-ordinate all real estate activities with actual estate settlement progress on the estate family home, and for multiple properties -- even if those properties may be out of state.

Most importantly is that M.D. is not going to make the common mistakes most Realtors make when working with an estate manager. If any of your property is subject to probate court or Trustee control, M.D. is going to be one of the first to know.  Many will go ahead and list an estate home (or other estate property) for sale, sometimes before even being properly authorized by the county probate court.  (A lawyer would tell you the contract in that case, may not be enforceable)  Also, after listing a home for sale without proper estate settlement (Yes, even a home left by beneficiary deed may need a clearance filing to truly call it yours), some estate managers will receive offers and tell the Realtor in charge to accept the offer for them.  Then, they find out at closing the title won't clear the title search process and sometimes, that no sale is possible because THE HOME HAS TO GO THROUGH PROBATE! 

Over the years, M.D. has seen this happen over and over with Realtors who are zestful to brag about how successful they are but basically clueless when it really comes down to understanding estate settlement timelines and procedures and how they affect the listing contract.  The intricate and important differences between selling estate properties under trust directives, or court orders versus regular transactions that are not as restricted, are striking.  If you hire M.D., he will know the difference!   And that will make YOU look good to the heirs!

Why is M.D. with Arizona Realty One?

   It's true - success breeds and attracts success.   M.D. has represented Arizona Realty One for numerous years because of their huge growth in the Phoenix market, and their multiple and convenient to find offices he can meet with estate families around the valley.  Being one of the fastest growing brokerage firms in Arizona and now on the top 10 list of producing the most real estate sales in Arizona  -- all clients can be reassured they are dealing with top quality representatives at all levels. 

MD Anderson at Realty One Group

 Connect with MD:  

480-777-4500 (Office) 480-345-1616 (Cell) 480-786-4045 (Fax) 1-800-782-2806 (Toll-Free)


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Note: If the estate owns property outside of the state of Arizona, we serve as your co-coordinator to help you find a qualified real estate property expert to asssist you and do so by referral.

Step 17

Valuation (and Possible Listing for Sale) of The Estate Home & Other Real Property In or Out of Arizona

While you may still be waiting for a death certificate, it is important to find time to do a valuation of all real property in the state of Arizona. Working with a qualified Realtor® who subscribes to a professional code of ethics is very important in your position as the estate manager.

But, so is seeking out a professional real estate advisor who understands the settlement process you are now conducting, or about to commence.

M.D. Anderson has shortened Step 17 to just one step, as he is willing along with other associates he partners with not only in Arizona, but across the nation, to conduct a valuation of the estate home and other real property such as land, commercial property, vacation homes, etc. And do so for you at no cost or obligation!  You need these valuations for your beginning inventory and his valuations will include recent comparable sales in the area, tax assessor values, and current active and recently closed listed homes on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS).  This is not and can not be deemed a property "appraisal".  If you desire an appraisal, or are required to obtain an appraisal, let M.D. assist you in giving a referral for that service as well. Only a licensed appraiser can do that. If you are required by a court order to obtain a valid and current appraisal, the free work M.D. will do for you in valuations will give you a tremendous start in your decision making regarding estate owned property of all kinds and descriptions, no matter what it is and where it is located.

Even with a high quality estimate of values (or an actual appraisal), it will contain variation in pricing.  Finding an "average" value will make your job much easier by letting M.D. do this work for free.  As estate manager, you should be confident of the value he helps you establish for each estate property for estate settlement and distribution purposes, or helps you obtain by referral to a qualified associate in all other states.  He will always give you any valuation documentation in a PDF electronic file and send it by email or fax it to you for your estate settlement records!

Many times, Step 17 includes consulting with a Realtor® to list an estate property, usually being the home or extra homes and vacation properties.  Of course, the only way to establish "True" value is to list and sell all estate properties owned.  The "SOLD" price will be true value - as long as you use a professional Realtor experienced in estate sales.  (M.D. will protect you from estate raiders who will try to flash just enough cash to tempt some estate managers to just take it and shorten their duties.  Don't do it!  Heirs can get really testy if you mess up doing your fiduciary duty...)

Based on the valuation M.D. offers, you will be ready to sell.  Few properties are worth hanging onto after a loved one dies.  If you aren't sure what to do, start with a free conference with MD or one of his associate Realtors.  If you then decide it is best to satisfy the needs of the heirs (that is important but following the instructions by the deceased estate owner is what the courts always try to do if they are involved) by listing and selling estate properties -- he can move quickly to get your home or other property on the market quickly.  In Arizona or around the country!  (Professional referral services allow M.D. to co-ordinate nationwide services, but only represent you in states he is an active and licensed real estate agent.  To date, he is licensed in Arizona only)

Obtaining top dollar takes some time, but it is well worth the investment.  MD's firm, Realty One Group, is known nationally for being aggressive and successful in all of it's real estate operations.  Creating one of the fastest growing firms in the west with virtually no debt is the result of a professional company operating to serve client needs first.

Trying to hang on to an estate home can become disastrous.  Market price drops can take place quickly, causing a need to wait years for any kind of financial price recovery.  Meanwhile, the home may burst a pipe in your absence, experience a break in, or many other calamities - especially if left empty while being tied up in probate proceedings with a really slow law firm dictating what you can or can't do as the estate manager.  M.D. can help you BEFORE this happens if you are an estate owner, heir or the estate manager now in the process of settlement.  Sometimes, estate homes and other real estate has to be tied up in court battles for years when heirs fight.  DON'T LET THAT HAPPEN! 

Regardless of the reason why -- If you calculate the cost of keeping an estate open, you may quickly see the value in converting main or second homes, vacation properties, land, or other commercial property interests into cash.  Cash is easy to divide for heirs, necessary for paying estate bills or liabilities off, and is a common practice many estate managers discover as the best way to fairly distribute assets.  Giving an heir "Cash" for their share may create the lowest liability for legal contests, or squabbles amongst the heirs. Rarely does it involve paying income tax on the gains either, as all personally owned real estate and other capital assets is given a new "stepped up" basis when an estate owner dies.

M.D. will provide all of your valuations with just a phone call (1-800-782-2806) or an E-mail asking him to help you.  Most Maricopa county Arizona estate homes and properties are already in his company research database!!!  In a matter of hours, he or his associates will be at the door of any property you want to list for sale for a an initial walk around and photo session.  With a short conference in person or by phone, the terms of the listing contract, costs to sell, correct starting selling price and any property listing suggestions, can be discussed.  

So, again, Step 17 may include listing properties after doing the valuations, but all the work can be placed on M.D.'s shoulders so you can concentrate on the remaining 33 Steps that await you!

If you are also an heir or feel you would like help in any other real estate matter away from the estate, M.D. is going to know your situation well if he is also your estate coach under his separate services offered by his own company, Financial Strategies, Inc.  He can represent you for any buying or selling real estate task on the highest level of trust with his Realtor® services under Realty One Group  and his own company estate settlement services now being offered to you.

Lastly, it is a good idea to repeat that any valuation obtained by a licensed real estate agent and/or Realtor® in the state of Arizona is not considered an appraisal and must be done at no fee for that reason.  If an actual appraisal is needed for Federal Estate Tax purposes or for any other purpose, M.D. will notify you of that need (and explain the procedures) and can also request associated appraisers in his real estate brokerage firm network.  Or make other appraiser referrals to assist you in obtaining a full appraisal valuation(s) for estate settlement purposes by a certified and licensed Arizona appraiser.  Note:  Residential appraisals run in the $250-$600 cost range per property, depending on which state the property resides in. 

Disclosure:  M.D.'s separate firm that sponsors this website, Financial Strategies, Inc., maintains a research database of date of death (DOD) Assessor and approximate online values on many Arizona estates.  There is an excellent chance his firm already has valuations you need for your starting estate inventory, just in case you didn't do this task on your own.  These values go back to 2009 when his AESS program was started.  Just contact him by E-mail to check if he has records for your deceased estate owner's personal residence or commercial property valuation.  ASK M.D. 

M.D.'s Real Estate Tips for Estate Managers

Real Estate Tip # 1: Remember that the estate is worth exactly what valuations will eventually show it was worth on the day of death.  It is not your job to hang onto estate properties until they magically can resume their former values.  Unless you can walk on water -- your main job as estate manager is to PROTECT those values and to speed the estate process of distribution to heirs as soon as possible.  Every month you delay doing your estate manager duties - is another month multiple bills from accountants, lawyers and others may build a payroll that just takes money away from the heirs.  (And utility company bills will be rolling in too!)

So, even if other heirs tell you to hang on to real estate properties until they recover back to those highest values (in the past), you must act as a fiduciary would at an financial institution.  A good point to consider if this stigma presents itself in your discussion with heirs, is to remind them of how many properties banks are hanging on to so they can quickly recover and again obtain those high values.  As a foreclosure home expert, I can attest that the banks are still being hit with new foreclosures every day and in turn, are still listing those foreclosed properties for sale with Realty One Group and other companies as well.  Most aren't waiting.  They are selling for top dollar and liquidating.  You should do the same...

Real Estate Tip # 2: Understanding the first tip, you can discover it is not your job to make the money grow.  But, it is your job to keep the money from falling in value or from anyone raiding estate assets.  The Will or Trust (or court if intestate) is the conduit or vehicle you use to accomplish your job tasks.  As the conduit agent, you must concentrate on protecting the real estate assets and to distribute them to heirs as soon as possible. (Unless the conduit vehicle restricts you or is drafted to keep the estate open for minors, special needs, or other estate planning reasons)  THE SOONER YOU DO YOUR JOB - THE SOONER YOUR OWN LIABILITY AS ESTATE MANAGER ENDS!

When a home or piece of land can not be divided "in kind" amongst the heirs (after proper valuations are obtained),  your only option is to sell it!  Going to cash in real estate right now is protecting the asset from future loss before you are cleared to distribute that asset.  We currently have a perfect storm of low interest rates, low inventory (which helps increase selling price) and plenty of aggressive buyers and investors here in Arizona anyway.  Something not so perfect as that could change at the drop of a hat...

Real Estate Tip # 3: When it comes to real estate, and estate properties specifically, it is traditional here in Arizona for the home to possibly need more work before it can be listed.  Death strikes a family either unannounced or unprepared for it and many times, estate homes need more work to get them ready for listing on the MLS home listing services.  So be prepared for lower offers from investors if you decide to list properties needing repairs or upgrades.  This is known as an "AS IS" listed home and it allows you to sell without fixing any problems you find.  However, if you have crazy mold, or unsafe stairs... - this method of selling still requires common sense.  Most experts would tell you to put the money in the home first to make repairs first before listing.  "AS IS" may be best, when that money just isn't available, or you have to have money quickly as an heir. 

A big plus in the current market is that homes needing repairs or upgrades are being "bid up" in many areas by increasing amounts of real estate investors willing to buy real estate for potential rental or flipping profits -- rather than keeping their funds in low paying bank accounts any longer. (Of course, this makes the banks scramble to sell more foreclosures to replace the lost deposits, recovering lost assets -- any way they can) If there ever was a so called "ghost inventory" here in Arizona, it most likely is a fading ghost.

Real Estate Tip # 4:  Lastly, it is important to discuss Arizona residential homes valued over $500,000, high end vacation properties, and all commercial properties if this applies to your estate property inventory.  As you may surmise, these properties take STRONG marketing methods to sell as they are much more difficult to market in our current economic environment.  Let M.D., who consults in his separate financial consulting practice with some of the richest families -- help on the high end properties, especially if federal or state "inheritance" tax could still be due after a loved one dies.  (New limit is 5 million exempt per spouse)  No estate is too large, as his associations with CPA's and lawyers across the nation guarantee professional services for the most discriminating clients and on the most difficult situations or circumstances.

Noting:  If you fully understand the first two real estate tips, then you can understand why it is extremely important that you place any high end properties with a qualified listing agent or Co-agents associated with a luxury home sales brokerage company who can best serve your needs to get your "high end" estate property listed and SOLD for top dollar in the least amount of time! 

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